These are the essentials:

  1. Feedly and Pocket. Use Feedly to set up an RSS feed for all of your favorite blogs. I check this once each day, then use Pocket to save the articles for later. I schedule one hour at the end of each week to catch up with all of the articles in Pocket. This way I’m never distracted in the middle of the day when someone sends me an article, I just save it to Pocket.
  2. Evernote. This is THE best way to save all of your notes from meetings, research, or anything else you find yourself documenting on a daily basis.
  3. If you run a small or mid-sized business, you probably don’t have an engineering team to build custom reports at a moment’s notice. Coding is for Losers is a great way to utilize Google Sheets for automating custom marketing or sales reporting.
  4. This is a great place to get on demand business coaching. My favorite part? You can pay by the minute. Get advice from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world for just a few hundred bucks if you need an answer to a quick question.
  5. Zapier. This is a tremendous tool that will help automate the dozens of apps you’re probably using so that they work together.
  6. ScheduleOnce. Save several hours each week exchanging emails back and forth trying to schedule a time to chat or meet up. Just send people your scheduling link!
  7. Virtual Staff Finder. This is the premium matchmaking service for hiring Virtual Assistants. UpWork and Freelancer are great, but the team at Virtual Staff Finder does all of the work for you. Just let their team know what type of role you need filled, and they’ll do all of the vetting and backgrounds checks so that you are delivered three highly qualified candidates to choose from.
  8. Copy Google Drive Folders. If you use Google Drive to manage your files, copying and pasting folders is a huge pain in the ass. Copy entire folders at a time with this site.
  9. Bonjoro. Send a quick video via email from your phone. This is a great tool for welcoming new customers or email subscribers in a personalized and unique way.
  10. James writes about productivity and habits. Time is everything for a business owner, and maximizing it is my #1 priority. Here’s a great article to get started.
  11. Tim Ferriss is known as the “human guinea pig.” He has a great post about Not To Do Lists I highly recommend checking out.

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