#1: When in doubt, take action.

“If more information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs.” – Derek Sivers

Consumption of information is oftentimes used as a way to procrastinate big decisions in life. Articles, podcasts, and books don’t make life decisions for us. Wemust make the decisions. If at a crossroads, error on the side of taking action. Set a time limit to make the decision, and then take action. Treat life as a series of experiments, instead of successes and failures.

#2: Say “no”, and do it often.

“If it’s not a ‘FUCK YEAH’, then it’s a ‘no.’ – Tim Ferriss

Don’t commit to things that don’t excite you. Don’t commit to people that don’t excite you. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to opportunities that don’t align with your goals or values. Much of the stress in life comes from saying ‘yes’ to things we didn’t want to in the first place.

#3: Surround yourself with growth-oriented people.

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” – John Wooden

Take a close look at who you spend 80% of your time with. Are these the people you want to be more like? If so, kudos to you. If not, focus on finding people that inspire and push you to do bigger things in life. Your success and happiness depends on it.

#4: Motivation is a trap.

“Don’t count on motivation. Count on discipline.” – Jocko Willink

Motivation comes and goes. Don’t count on ‘motivation’ to show up when you need it. Instead, focus on building systems in the areas most important to you. Once those systems become a habit, you won’t need to rely on motivation to take action.

#5: Keep a log of mistakes.

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” – Warren Buffett

Keep a notebook or file on your computer of the mistakes you’ve made in life that you don’t want to repeat. The biggest mistake we can make is not learning from our mistakes! Take it a step further by adding mistakes others have made that you don’t want to make. Review this list a few times each month to make sure you’re not making the same mistakes over and over again.

#6: Limit distractions.

“Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.” – Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

Use Do Not Disturb mode on your computer, tablet, and phone. When you’re working, work. When you’re not working, don’t work. Don’t multitask.

#7: Exercise minimalism.

“If you can’t afford to lose it, you can’t afford to have it.” – Mr. Money Mustache

Use the quote above as a filter for your purchasing decisions. Do you really need that new TV or new car? If you bought it, and it was stolen the next day, could you afford to replace it? If the answer is ‘no’, refrain from buying it.

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