App & Tool Recommendations

Boomerang For Gmail

Why I Love This App:

Boomerang allows you to cue up reminders when people don't respond to your emails. For example, I use Boomerang to notify me when an email I sent doesn't get a response after 48 hours. This saves me hours of follow up time and digging back through my sent folder.

Boomerang just added a new feature called Inbox Pause. I use this feature to pause my inbox when I'm responding to old emails. It keeps me from getting distracted when new emails come in.

Click here to download the app.


Why I Love This App:

Have certain tasks that require the same 3-5 web browser tabs to be open at the same time—every time you perform the task? FreshStart allows you to save those tabs as presets.

For example, if you have multiple tabs opened when you're posting social media content, you can create a preset in FreshStart called Social Media. Every time you start this task all you have to do is click on the preset and—in just one click—you can open all of your social media pages, Buffer, your website, etc.

Click here to download the app for free.


Why I Love This App: let's me unsubscribe to emails in bulk, all in one place, instantly. I can also create a "roll up" and bunch up all of the newsletters I subscribe to into one email.

It's free. Check it out. You won't regret it.

Click here to download the app.

Way of Life

Why I Love This App:

Habits are the systems that make accomplishing our goals much easier. Way of Life is the easiest way I've found to track basic habits around your diet, exercise, health, morning routine, business building activities...the list goes on.

I've used this app to help me stop drinking alcohol (going on 6+ months!), stop smoking cigarettes (going on 18+ months!), eat a healthier diet, and to make exercise a routine part of my week.

You can download the app here: iPhone version | Android version

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